Apply to Endless


Basic Personal Information
Time(s) of day we can find you on WoW:
Basic Character Information
Are you the original owner and player of this character?
Have you played under any other name or on old characters that people may know you from?
Do you share this account with anyone else? (Sibling, spouse, friend, etc.)
Talent Specialization:
Basic overview of your gear and the stats relevant for your class.
[Please provide an Armory Link] Be Logged out in your best PvE Gear. *
If you are currently not using your PvE Spec, link to a talent calculator that shows it.
Do you ever spec to fill a different PvE Role (Tanking, Healing, DPS) then the one your are applying with? (This applies mostly to Shamans, Druids, Warriors, Priests, Paladins)
If so, how much do you enjoy that spec, and how comfortable are you with it in a raid situation?
Please provide combat log on World Of Logs or similar web site
What bosses did you kill in Burning Crusade, pre 3.0? Name of your main character in TBC ?
What bosses did you kill in WotlK ?
What bosses did you kill in Cataclysm ?
Player History & General Information
What guilds have you been in, positions held, and length of membership?
Why are you leaving your current guild / why did you leave your last guild?
What brought your attention to Endless?
Do you know any Endless members?
Do you understand what DKP is and how it works?
What functions of your class are you particularly skilled at or proud of?
Approximately what percentage of our raids will you be able to make weekly? (Assume all 4 raid days)
Additional Comments